Amazing Nongbualamphu
" Queen of Sticky Rice "
Khao nio phualong
( Sticky rice charms a husband)



 ˹Ǽŧ˹ͧ   繢˹ǾѹͧТǾѹ 6  ١㹾鹷ѧѴ˹ͧٷդѺҾԹ ҡ 繢Ǩ   ͹ا͹ҪлԴʹԷ е꺢 觪ҹ¡ ͧ ҹդ ͹Դ 秡дҧ

ͧ˹Ǽŧ˹ͧ ҳ˭ԧ¨觧ҹѹ ͼҼ ѡ͹˭ԧѡоĵԻԺѵԵ "͹ 3 4" ͹ 3 ͹,͹ ͹ ͺҧ觡¶֧ ͹, ͹ ͹͹ ǹ 4 , , Ӥ йһٹ(Թҡٹ) ҧ觡դ ӡԹ, , йһٹ

            ûоĵԻԺѵԴ͹ 3 4 ԧ ͺ˭ԧ 觧ҹ繽繽    ѡ˹ҷͧҹ ͹ ͼ١ѡ繴ټ á ¶֧ ͧѡѴӢǻ Ѻзҹ ҳ ˭ԧҨЪǺҹ ͪѧҧ繷駹 ¡͹ ҹٻ ѵشԺͧ任اͧ ѧ ˭ԧǹ˭ ֧١֡ӡѺǡѺ ͹˹ѴԪҪվԴ   Ӥѭ 蹡͹դ "ʹ¨ѡ ѡ"   ˭ԧǷ¨֧ͧ "" 㹡÷ ا 觢ǵʹ͹Ըաù觢˹ẺҳԶվԶѹ   ˹Ƿ͹ Ѻзҹ ʹ¨ѡ  ҹ仼ҹѺзҹŧ㹤 ¢ͧ˹  繷Ңͧ  ˹ ŧ˹ͧ


                ǨѧѴ˹ͧ ١к ˹ǔ ѡ Ҫҹҹ  ѧ㹾ԾԸѳտʫŢͧѵҧ ҹ  ֧索˹ǷԹҹǹʴҪǨѧѴ˹ͧ繷ͧ蹷բ˹ СԹ˹     ҳ  觻Ѩغѹѧ ǨѧѴ˹ͧѧ١˹ǡѹҡ   70  ͧǷ١㹨ѧѴ˹ͧ ǹ˭繢˹ǾѹͧǨѧѴ˹ͧٻ١ѺзҹѹҪҹҹ ТǾѹ 6  繢Ƿ١㹷 ͺ ˹ͧӸҵżҹ  11  Ӥ  ¾§  Ӿ  Ӿͧ º  ¤йҹ ǧ  ӹӷ§ǨѧѴ˹ͧ蹵 ͻáѺǨѧѴ˹ͧѺзҹ˹ǡѹѡ 3 ҧѹ Ժ͡ԹѺþ鹺ҹ Ӻѡ ҹ Һ ˹Ҥͺ    ǹ ¢˹Ƿ١ͧ ͹ҹ աع  ͹    ҹҪзԴʹԷ ¡ҡͧ ͡е꺢  ٴ   дҧ ֧ա¡ҹ͢˹    ˹Ǽŧ˹ͧ


Ӣ͢鹷¹觺觪ҧʵ ҧ͡˹ͧ

˹ͧ ͹ѡ׺ҹѲ Դ鹾ѲͧԻѭҾ鹺ҹԵ繼ԵѳªԴ ˹㹼Ե ѳ鹪 "ҧ͡˹ͧ" Թ͡ѡɳͧѧѴժ§㹴ҹԻѭ ѺѺͧҡͧõҧ   աè˹ҧ ҧǨѧѴ˹ͧҧҡ

þѲҹѵ (ҧ͡) Gaba-rice

            (ҧ) ͡ Gaba-rice 繹ѵ˹觷ѧѺʹҧҡ ͧҡ ҧ ͡繡ùӢ ҼҹкǹЧ͡ » Ǣ (ҧ) ͧСͺèӹǹҡ   ô俵ԡ (Phyticacid ) ԵԹ ԵԹ GABA (gammaaminobutyricacid) 觪 ͧѹäҧ ä ҹ Ъ㹡äǺ˹ѡ繵 ͹Ӣͷ͡з ੾ GABA 觹͡ҡªҡ÷ҳ÷٧ ѧ (ҧ)͡                اءʷ͹ Ѻзҹ¡Ңǡͧա ֧اѺзҹͧѺǢǵͧ


ҧ͡ѧѴ˹ͧ   繢ҧ͡Өҡ˹Ǽŧ˹ͧ  ١㹨ѧѴ˹ͧ Ըաû١ẺɵԹʹþɵûʹ ҧ͡ջªȨҡͻ  ͡͡  索Ƿͧͧ èѧúǹ    蹢ҧ ع ͹  GABA  ҡش㹢˹ ѧõҧ  

·         õչժ«ǹ֡ͧ͢á൹Դҡ

  • 鹴٧٧ҢǢ 15-20 Ҫҧ

ӵʹйԴ֧ͧҹ ǧ Ŵǹ ͧѹѡäҹҡѺдǡ ´ٴѺѹþ͡ҡҧ ͧѹ˭

  • ѹԴӤѭªԴ ԫҹ ⤿ չMufa

Ŵѹʹʹʹ Ŵѹ (LDL) ѹǴ (HDL) ͧѹä Ѻͧ͡ ҹõҹ͹ ͧѹաԵԹ 6 Ѻ駡ԴҪŴҡ͹ٺҺʵ·ͧ

  • õҹ͹зջԷҾ٧觪¢Ѵ͹з繵˵آͧä

Դҧ ժ»ͧѹẤ ͧѹä 䢢ѡʺ äҷä

  • ԵԹҵطӤѭúءǪҧ·ӧҹշآҾ

      鹷觼Եҧ͡˹ͧ ͢鹷¹觺觪ҧʵ ӹǹ  6  ͧ͢ѧѴ˹ͧ     ͧ˹ͧ  ⹹ѧ  պحͧ   ҡҧ  ó    ͹ѧ ǹӡѹҪվ㹻Ѩغѹ( : ӹѡҹҳԪѧѴ˹ͧ  12  Զع¹  2556


Khao Nio Phua Long (Sticky rice charms a husband) is a native rice and the Ko Kho 6 that cultivated in Nongbualamphu. After harvest and husked, the rice will be slender seeds. You could cook and stored in a closed container called "kong khao(rice box)". You will have a soft with aroma, not dry and harden rice.
Definition of Khao Nio Phua Long Nongbualamphu
                   Thai tradition in history: When women were married, they were taught by their parents or elders to behave as a Ruan 3 Num 4. Ruan 3 consists of: 1) hair; women have to keep their hair clean, neatly combed and not disheveled. 2) body; women have to take good care of their bodies and shape their waist to look good. and 3) house; normally, Thai women have been good housekeepers and always kept their houses clean with nothing cluttered. Num 4 consist of:  1) skill; women are skilled in cooking for their husbands 2) kindness; including generosity, hospitality, helpfulness and Altruism 3) speech; using polite and melodic words to others. And 4) Keeping red lime betel containers. In ancient times, Thais liked chewing betel nut so women had to take care of guests by preparing a set of betel nuts for them. If they left the containers to dry, it meant they were not good housekeepers because guests couldnt chew it anymore.  

                    To prepare young women to be real Thai ladies, parents taught them to know the duties of a housewife and how to influence husbands to love more. Women had to cook a delicious meal for their husbands because, at that time, there were no stores for buying food. From the time when they were young, they were trained to cook with their own materials. They had to know how to cook sticky rice in order to get soft and tasty rice. When cooked properly, husbands didnt want to leave the home to eat outside. Whether it was rainy or windy they still loved and never left their wives. This is the origin of these words Khao Nio Phua Long (sticky rice charms a husband).

                     The majority people in Nongbualamphu province like to have sticky rice as the staple food for long time. As seen in the museum of dinosaur fossils over hundreds millions years ago. Including rice seed became stone. It shows that people in Nongbualamphu have been related with sticky rice. Today more than 70 percent of cultivated rice is sticky rice and mostly was local sticky rice. And Ko Kho 6 is the best and suitable cultivation right here. Because there are 11 rivers flow through this area: river of Huay Pa-niang, Puay, Pong, Mo, Huay som, Huay dau, Huay mong, Huay kolo, Huay bon, Huay kanan and Huay luang. These rivers fed all generations in Nongbualamphu for long and long time ago.

                     The people have sticky rice 3 meals a day with native food such as Som tam Laab Koi all together in the family. They grow rice in the paddy field then cook by themselves. They cook and stored in a closed container called "kong khao(rice box)". Then they have a soft with aroma, not dry and harden rice.

The Gaba-rice of Nongbualamphu.
                       The Gaba-rice is the Nongbualamphu cultural heritage. Native people invented and developed indigenous knowledge for this product. It is the unique product and one of available that visitors could buy for eating or souvenir.

                Developing The Gaba-rice in Nongbualamphu.

                       The Gaba-rice Rice is the interesting innovation. It is grown in organic way, non-toxic and chemical free. People bring normal rice to Germinate through the process. Normally, rice itself contains many compounds such as fiber, Phytic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, and GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) which helps to prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes etc. which is a health benefit from the nutrients. Moreover it is easy to cook, eating easier than regular brown rice as well. So it becomes the popularity of the consumers.

The Gaba-rice Rice is made from khao nio phua long that cultivated in Nongbualamphu. The process of cultivation is organic way and chemical free. golden grain, nutrient, soft, aroma and plenty of GABA.  

                      The health benefit of the Gaba-rice:

                            Protein repairs all tissues in our body. It does not contain gluten that the causes of the allergy

                   A high-fiber. It is 15-20 times higher than white rice that helps for a good digestion, treatment of diabetes, absorbs fats and also prevents the colon cancer.

                   A good fat. There are several important elements such as orisanol, tocophylon etc. It helps to reduce blood fat and blood vessels, reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the good cholesterol (HDL), protects and against heart disease, inhibits from tumor cells, breast cancer cells, antioxidants, inhibits freckle and blemish,  prevents cancer better than Vitamin E 6 times etc.

                     There is a highly effective antioxidant which helps eliminate free radicals that cause of cancer, prevents viruses and bacteria, Prevent heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, aged etc.

                      Vitamins and minerals help all organs to work better and healthy. 

                     There are 6 districts in Nongbualamphu that is the origin of the products: Muang, Sriboonruang, Nonsang, Naklang, Nawang and Suwannakhuha.

Source: Office of Nongbualamphu Provincial Commerce.  June 12, 2013.

      // Translated and Edited by Master Mongkut chomnongnit





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