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      " Queen of Sticky Rice "
         Khao nio phualong
( Sticky rice charms a husband)




""繸ѭѡͧš Ѵ繾ת¾ѹǡѺ ˭ҫ觹Ѻ ˭ҷբҴ ˭شšդҡ·ҧҾö١դҹͷء Ҿ šҨ繶Ẻŷ 鹷Һӷ֧ з ͡ҷ˹繢ǡѧö͡ҹҧ˴ʹǪԴáѡҡԹ͢ǻ ҡ ѡҹ辺ѹɰҹͻҳ 16,000-13,000 շؤشŧ ѵ˭ªԴ٭ѹ֧ͧŴҷѵѹǻ оת Richard S. Macheishѡҳժԡѹ觷ӡ֡ʶҹҧ ѵʵͧչ蹴Թ˭㹻 2536 ѡҹ׹ѹ Ȩչ 觡Դ ͧû١龺ͧ¢ͧǻҷض֧ 16,000 ТǷ١ء 9,000 ¾ԨóҨҡâشѡҹԴѺҪɵ鹢ҳ شҡ 2 غͧ˹ҹҧ ( Nanchang ) ͧǧͧ§ (Jianxi) ҧѹ§ͧչ ش鹢ͧл١Ǣͧ ҡѲاҹ ͧȨչ ѲǺ¹ͧ´dzҺӵ͹˹ͧ͢Թ ͹ҧ ҹѹͧ͡ԧ 觡л١Ըաû١¡Ѻ÷͹


            ѧҡѲҡû١Ǩҡ÷͹ 繡÷ӹҹҳ 9,000 ա͹ оѲ÷ӹẺѡ 觾ѡҹѲҹ§ͧ 5,000 շҹѡ ҹõ鹢Ƿ鹾ǻ㹪ǧáաҹ ١ն֧ 5 ҹ繡ʴ㹪ǧҴѧ ҡ١ŧԹͧ鹶֧ 5 ʴ繶֧㹡þѲҡɵʹçԵ¾ѹͧתСŢ 躹šҡ֧ 120,000 ¾ѹ ѹѡйһ١ö͡ 2 Դ OryzaSavitaл١㹷ջ Oryzaglaberrinaл١ 㹷ջͿԡ Ƿ١Ы͢¡ѹ㹵Ҵšͺ繢Ǩҡջ 3 ѡɳо鹷١ѧ
                        1.Թԡ (Indica)͢繢Ƿѡɳ ӵ٧ 駪Ҩҡ 觷 鹾á㹻Թ繢Ƿл١㹷ջࢵ չ ´ ԻԹ Թⴹ 仨֧Թѧ Ш价ࢵҤѧ.. 1000 ࢵǴел١㹷ջԡ੾ͧ Թԡҹл١ 㹺dzҺ͹ͧҾӹǹҧǴ ᷹˹Ƿ»١ 觤¹¡ԹԡҷҨҡҧǢͧ¡ѹŧ§ " "Ҷ֧ءѹ

2.Ǩһ͹ԡ (Japonica)繢˹紻 觡ԴҡҧҤ˹ Ǽҹ ҷҧ⢧¡͹طȵɷ 20 ѧҡŴӹǹŧࢵͺ蹷 û ԡ

                        3.Ǩҹԡ (Javanica)繢ѡɳ紻˭ѹɰҹ繢Ǿѹ ҧ ԹԡШһ͹ԡ л١ Թⴹ¿ԻԹ ѹ ǡ Э ѺѡżԵӻȵҧšҧաþѲ¾ѹ 鹷л١Ըաû١ҳżԵ㹢зӹҹǡѺǢͧЪҵԵҧջѵʵѹǹҹ


World historical rice.
                  "Rice" is the main cereal of the world. It is the same family of grass, biggest, and biodiversity. It could be grown in all climate whether desert, habitat, alluvial flood even mountains. The first kind of rice that man known was wild rice.
                    The evidences were found about 16,000 to 13,000 years ago. Most of large animal species became extinction. Man reduced hunting and collecting wild plants. In 1993 the American archaeologist Mr. Richard S. Macheish who studied the history of Chinese found the evidences to confirm that China was a source of planting rice. He found 16,000 years old traces of wild rice and cultivated more than 9,000 years ago. By the evidences which unearthed pieces of scrap containers and crops antiquity in Nanchang, the capital of Jianxi Province in southwestern China. The beginning of the rice planting was from Lung Chan, the Chinese culture and the Huabinien, the Vietnamess culture at the northern river plains of India. The cultivation was similar  to shifting cultivation.


The Evolution of Shifting Cultivation became the casting about 9,000 years ago and to transplanting about 5,000 years ago at  Ban Chiang, in Thailand. More than 120,000 rice species existing in the world are cultivated but well known could be divided into two types: Oryza Savita popular crop in Asia and Oryza glaberrina popular crop in Africa. Rice is grown and traded in the world market almost from Asia and divided into 3 groups based on the following growing areas.
                      1. Indica rice or steamed rice(Khao Chao) in Thailand. It was first discovered in India, popular cultivation in China, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka. And spread to the entire Southeast Asia and America since 1000 B.E. By that time Thais called the Indica rice as Khao khong Chao(The Kings rice) then shortened to just called Khao Chao to the present time.
                      2. Japonica rice or sticky rice(Khao Nio) in Thailand. It originally from the North through the Mekong river plain. In the early 20th century B.E., it was widespread in warm areas of Japan, Korea, Russia, Europe and America.
                      3. Javanica rice. it is a hybrid between Indica rice and japonica rice. It is Popular cultivated in Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, and the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, but is gradually gaining popularity because of low yield. Countries in the world are developing their cultivation while their own legend has a long history.

       // Translated and Edited by Master Mongkut chomnongnit





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